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Resting in a long game tips requested


Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

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Old February 20th, 2015, 20:25   #61
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hydration - always look at the colour of your urine, it will tell you how well or how lacking of water you are. Darker urine, drink more, light to clear urine - your good. If you have not peed after a few hours of play drink and drink some more.

body sweat is also an indicator on how hydrated you are, if you noticed you have stop sweating then start drinking.

electrolytes tabs are good to add taste and replenish the body, crystal light packets are also good to add some taste if you are drinking a boat load of water and need a break. I typical use a quarter packet every 3rd bottle.

Snacks, like beef jerky, trail mix (the more nuts the better) provide the body with nutrients, energy and it easy to carry and eat on the move.

Chewing tobacco is great when you are trying to stay awake and so you dont give away your teams position at night. However if you dip, drink water because chew will dehydrate you.
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